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Our Clients

We exceed our clients' expectations. Here, you can find some of the clients we have worked with.
We chose to work with VHD simply because they have proven to be a worthy partner who can provide with the needs that we have. They have been flexible in all our discussions and shown us great adaptability.
André IhlarOnline Sales Manager, Lyko Online AB

OUR CLIENTSWhat Our Clients Say About Us

For us, the relationship with our clients is not only extremely important but also incredibly enjoyable! We always try to surprise our clients, and we are truly proud to be their supplier. One of our secrets is that we are always available, with a short customer service response time.

Svensk Fastighetsförmedling

Our new SMS solution from VHD Media Group gives us stable, quick, and secure SMS deliveries, which we have been looking for, for a long time. The solution VHD Media Group has given us suits us very well and runs smoothly.

We have not encountered any problems since we tried their products. This is important because we mediate important information both internally but to our customers as well.

Mårten Wahlström
CTO, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling www.svenskfast.se



Sportamore is the largest online sports shop in the Nordic countries. We focus greatly on our customers, and we always strive to offer products of high quality and to go the extra mile. This is why it is important for us that our partners do the same - which VHD Media has proven to do.

VHD Media is always available to help, both with campaigns, and questions, and we are very pleased with the quick and helpful support they have been given us. Once an issue has occurred, they have been acting swiftly and solved the matter professionally.

Their tool is easy to administrate and gives us a clear overview of our campaigns, both regarding already sent SMS, as well as future planned ones. Through VHD Media we have been able to deliver affordable SMS with secured deliveries to our customers. We can highly recommend them.

Hanna Hjerppe
Customer Communications Manager, Sportamore AB



We choose to cooperate with VHD Media because they have proven to be a fullfledged partner, who can provide us according to our needs. They have been flexible in all our discussions and shown great adaptability. For us, it is important that the SMS keeps a high quality, and that they are delivered as agreed. VHD Media has shown that they can do that, and for an affordable price as well.
In cases when deviations have occurred, they have been keen and creative in finding solutions for the problems.

The fact that their system, through API, is adapted to communicate with the rest of our systems, and that they have shown that they are willing to develop as a supplier, makes us feel safe as we continue in the future.

André Ihlar
Online Sales Manager, Lyko Online AB www.lyko.se



The cooperation with VHD Media Group has been working well right from the beginning. An easy, reliable service that all staff easily administrate on their own.

Their support service has been amazing, and their customer service has a really good customer response time. The absolute best part of VHD Media Group is that they take full responsibility and their support all the way.

Runa Alfvén
Telecom Manager, Dahl Sverige AB www.dahl.se



Ratsit.se is used yearly by 5.5 million people and businesses in Sweden.

Our customers are the single most important element, which means that our suppliers must be the best within their field, and someone who shares our values of thinking long-term, taking responsibility and creating stability.

Through our cooperation with VHD Media Group, we have developed an easy solution for our customers when they log on to our system with validation through SMS.

The correspondence with VHD Media Group AB has been working excellently both when it comes to delivering the SMS-service, and when possible issues have occurred.

Anders Johansson
CEO, Ratsit AB www.ratsit.se



Checkbiz is a fast-growing business within the information industry, with a focus on sustainable and long-term relationships.

Partnership is important to us, and we have high demands on our partners, especially when it comes to creativity, flexibility, and service. With VHD we found all of that in great abundance.

Through our cooperation with VHD Media Group, we have been given the unique possibility to deliver easy, quick, and affordable SMS-services to our customers as a complement to our API services where you can search for information about a consumer and a business.

Kristoffer Andersson
CEO, Checkbiz AB www.checkbiz.se

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