VHD | Drift2017-12-20by Operational Information

Time: 15:47

We received confirmation from operator that they were experiencing issue with their platform today which caused irregularities with delivery towards TeliaSonera Sweden. 


Furthermore, they confirmed that issue was completely resolved at 10:35 UTC and their further monitoring of situation did not reveal any similar issues.


We will certainly keep on monitoring the situation to act in case any irregularities occur, while in case you observe any new issues please revert back to us.



Time: 13:58


At the moment the issue is no longer observed and traffic is delivering in timely manner. The delivery reports are reverted without any irregularities observed for live traffic.


Please note that the fault is with TeliaSonera. We have forwarded without any technical problems to the respective operator.


Time: 13:25


Dear Customer,
We like to inform you that TeliaSonera Sweden has malfunctions. We monitor the situation and will continuously inform you about the situation.

Please visit www.vhdmedia.se/nyheter for the latest information

If you have any questions, please email support@vhdmedia.se

Best regards,
VHD Team